The Panachete

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The Panachete

Post  Myna on Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:14 am

Amongst the various clans and the never dimming lights of the city there is a glistening tower of ebony stone that marks to Kindred the central workings of the Prince, who at this time as is often the case, is one of the figureheads of the Venture clan. However not only does this house the prince but also others and other practices. One of these for those who know of it, for those who are deemed worthy is the only connection to the all but lost craft of the Panachete. The art of the living blade.

The books read that they are weapons, weather blade, or stave or sai, they are unique and deadly. The hilt crafted from the teeth or claw of a Lycan, a werewolf as the kine call them. Blades forged of the finest metal and cooled in the blood of the vampire. The blades are not just tool but spiritual, with a living mind that only the owner may connect to. Thus called the living blade. That is what is known. However the only ones who truely know the intracies of the practice are the arcmages, and there is only one who knows how to find

He and he alone is the only remaining connection to them and thus to these blades. If you want one, you must first proove your worth and gain his favor.

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