[Profile] - Asabhya Chala - Vampire

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[Profile] - Asabhya Chala - Vampire

Post  Snewn on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:37 am


Name: Asabhya Chala (AKA Asa pronounced “Ausa”)
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: 23 (Newborn)
Generation: 7th
Clan: Ravnos

Flaws: Compulsion (FREE Flaw): Gambling.
Driving Goal (3 pt. Flaw): To become a leader.
Hatred (3 pt. Flaw): Of those with power who would use it to corrupt the world.
Addiction (3 pt. Flaw): Wine. Some other alcoholic beverages.
Slow Healing (3 pt. Flaw):

Merits: Daredevil (FREE Merit):
Eat Food (1 pt. Merit):
Berserker (2 pt. Merit):
Magic Resistance (2 pt. Merit):
Early Riser (1 pt. Merit):


Background: Undetermined

Talents -10 points spent, 3 remain

Skills-9 points spent, 0 remain

Knowledge-3 points spent, 2 remain

Possessions: 1)-Tarot Cards of Fate. Given to him by his female sire at Embrace. It is assumed that she stole these cards from some Tremere, due to them being imbued with powerful magicks. There are five in total, each with a different destiny. When he activates one Asa can skewer anyone weaker than him with one of the following. Flay-A swivel of sharp blades can slice and dice said enemy to ribbons. Flesh Degeneration-Just as it says the skin then flesh wilts away until the opponent is a pile off ooze. Implosion-The enemy is crushed within himself, leaving not but a pool of blood and bone. Electric Discharge-The enemy is turned into to smoking flesh. Asphyxiation-The person is choked to death.

The use of these cards comes at a high price though. Half the user’s blood is drained after use of each card. Using all 5 cards at once binds Asa’s soul with the enemy’s and a Russian Roulette occurs. The loser no matter how powerful, dies. Extreme caution is advised.

2)-An Assortment of cutlery. Crafted to impale.


Height: 5’10
Weight: 155
Eyes: Black when thirsty, Orange Red-ish when nourished
Hair: Black. Slick and full standing. (Refer to Avatar)
Physical Appearance: Pale-skinned, Grey-ish. Previously tanned as a human. He tends to favor dark clothing, but will wear whatever he needs to in order to blend in to the crowd while doing his thing.


Human: Asa lived most of his life as a nomad in India. Everything seemed uneventful for him and his mother. All they had were each other and barely got by living not as gypsies but wanderers looking for a place to belong. Asa always wanted more for himself, for his family, and ultimately for the country of India. To show that it can have strong leaders that can be a factor in the scheme and shape of the world. It was a bit unusual that one in such a culture and upbringing centered on worship and humility would have such ambitious expectations. But, this is what was in his heart. He began to have contempt for the world. Why did he have to be born less fortunate than those of say American descent? Asa grew more and more jealous of the things he had found out of his reach.

“I will have it all, and wield that power to give back to my country. *sigh* I simply don’t know how to go about it.” Asa would say to himself before crying himself to sleep.

Years pass and his heart darkened. Eventually they did find a place they could settle down in the coastal city of Margamao when Asa reached age 11. Asa decided to take up gambling as a pass-time, opposed to good old hard fashioned work. “The long way to success is too risky. I live for the now, mother.” He explained. “I won’t have you doing disgraceful things under my roof. You’re on thin ice with me. Straighten up or get out of my sight!” His mother scowled at him. She was stern when she saw that things were improper. “You question me when I’ve been keeping us from wandering the streets for the past five years? How hypocritical of you.” Asa retorted. He never talked back to her before but his blood was boiling with the hateful tone she had taken with him. Most of the teenage years were now behind him and he was the man of the house and felt like going to college would just be some lame cop-out. He wanted to do something big and exciting, loving the tension that his near death experiences gave him more and more notoriety as a hard-nosed river-boat gambler.

That night, Asa had written a letter to his mom stating the following. “I fear I can no longer quench my thirst for bigger, better things mother. I’m sure dad would understand what I’m doing. You said I was just like him after all. Asabhya Chala means “Feral Deception” I will use my deception and ferocity to see my way to the top of the ranks, in positive ways. But I make this promise to you, if I become rich, I’ll take you out of this place and put you into one fit for a queen. I love you but this is something I must do in order to be at peace with myself. Thank you for everything, and I hope to see you again one day…I love you.” There was also a dried tear on the bottom right of the letter that could be made out if she paid enough attention to it.

Four years later, Asa, was still stuck in the daily doldrums of gambling. His addiction has clouded the judgment of where he should go and what to do with said winnings. This is the highest stakes so far that would give him comparable to 35 million dollars. After being nickel and dimmed for so long, the illusive prize would most assuredly be his. He would not pass on such an opportunity to show off.

“My, my.” A beautiful woman had spoken softly into his right ear. “You are quite talented.” She said after seeing how great at poker Asa was. She was just a few inches shorter than him with flowing black hair and a crimson velvet dress glistening off of her lightly tanned skin. Hard for any man to resist. Asa had walked out of a tavern with suitcase in hand, it was dark. He ended up having to kill some random guy who thought he was cheating. “Why don’t I show you how you can become even, better.” She grinned playfully at him. “What’s so special about your skills?” he boastfully replied. “Ah…I can see you’ve never had the pleasure of being with a woman before.” Her seemingly blood red eyes peering under at him. It made him a bit uncomfortable. “Eh, they throw themselves at me. But I have bigger things to worry about at the moment. Now if you’ll excuse m-“ he was cut off as she pressed a finger to his lips. “You’re stressed. I feel it in you. This gypsy…knows all. Allow me…to make you feel…alive.” Her gaze locked his and Asa became entranced and unable to move. “Don’t worry. You’ll thank me afterwords.”

Vampire: Asa’s eyes opened. He was naked and lying on the ground. He couldn’t remember what happened after he had been stupefied into submission. “Take these cards.” The temptress said. “Use them to help fulfill your fantasies of power. Once you feel you’re well on the way to doing that. Return to your sire for a visit sometime.” She paused, as if evaluating her handiwork. “If you wish to seek me before then, just use your blood and desire. I’m sure it won’t take more than that, for my blood enhances.” And with that, she kissed him on the cheek and left him, disappearing, to his raw power and an ever-growing thirst to leave his mark on this world. “I don’t…even know her name…” as he got up and scurried after her, he quickly realized she was long gone, not even picking up a scent of her former presence. She was extremely powerful from the slight bit of time that Asa had spent with her.

Other: Deciding there was nothing left for him to be gained from his native country at the moment. Asa departed for the states shortly after he was transformed. Onward to New York City. Asa is not the average Ravnos, he fights the urge to do the typical inherent things that would brand him as a criminal. The start of his birth was unprovoked and for the time being he will be unknown to his native clan. While not the easiest thing to do, Asa will see through his ambitions even if it destroys him in the process.

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Re: [Profile] - Asabhya Chala - Vampire

Post  merik on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:17 pm

Approved. Backgrounds are as follows

Allies *
Contacts *
Resources **

As for the Tarot cards, that will be left up to Myna


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Re: [Profile] - Asabhya Chala - Vampire

Post  Myna on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:54 am

On the Tarot Cards:

Your deck has 20 cards in it. Each card is indicated as a traditional Tarot card deck would be.

The Fool, The Magician, The High priestess, The Empress, The Emperor
The Hirophant, The Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star
The Moon, The Sun, Judgment, The World, Justice.

Five of the cards in the deck have special powers, only through luck and practice can which cards are special and which are not be diserned. Auspex however can identify what cards are special and what are not.

The five effects that come from the various cards are as follows.

Card 1: All damage to designated targets when this card is activated will be instantly healed and all energies (blood points) will be restored.

Card 2: Whatever you try to do from the time this card is activated will backfire for the current night you are in and the following one.

Card 3: A random dicipline will activate, this can be used on you or someone else. Take your chance.

Card 4: The flesh of the victom of this card burns away, slowly and painfully, leaving ash where flesh used to be, this cannot kill the victom alone unless it is a human. This damage will take time to heal, and cannot be fixed with Card 1. This has the potential to put a vampire into torpor.(If used against the player you must have discussed it with said player and have leave to use it. Do not abuse it.)

Card 5 : The victom of this card is faced with a smokey haze that takes shape into a black spector. The spector then raises his scythe and cleanly cuts the head from its victom. (This is not infinate, nor definiate, and to try to use against a player must be with the consent OOC of said player. Cannot be used against Giovanni)

These cards are contigent on how you play, if you abuse their use they will be removed from your posession. And just because you can guess what ability goes with what card it should however NOT be apparent to your character as he would neither know what the abilities are or what cards they corelate to.

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Re: [Profile] - Asabhya Chala - Vampire

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