Leveling up

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Leveling up

Post  Myna on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:13 pm

As you role play you will get experiance, as you gain experiance you will level this will tell you how you can evolve your character as you level.

Diciplines: Every level you get 5 points you may spend on Diciplines

Background: Every 3 levels you get 1 point to spend on your background, weather to advance what you already have or to simply get something new.

Abilities: Every time you level up you get 5 points that you may spend on abilities.

About points and ranks, a tier one ability will cost 1 point as you well imagine, however a rank 2 ability will cost 2 points to get not just one. Likewise a tier 3 will cost three. And so on and so fourth. The same system works for Background and Diciplines.

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