The Ravnos Haven

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The Ravnos Haven

Post  Ravanos on Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:55 am

Throughout the estate and the near by streets, Flowing music and friendly chatter can be heard, Coming from just beyond the guarded gates of one of the many popular Ravnos haven's in the city, It was a mansion, Inherited by a popular 7th generation vampire, Now converted into a hotspot for the Ravnos and their allies, But Be turned away at the gates and you may never return, The driveway extends through the long grassy front-yard of the estate, And ends at the stairs that lead to the finely carved redwood door.

Powerful Ravnos allies and clan-mates look down upon everyone from the balcony, From the outside and the inside as well, From the outside balcony, Many can see a lone figure, The owner of the mansion, standing with a large glass full of bloodwine, Bloodwine that is being served downstairs in the larger gathering with the others.

The door is open, and so far no one has caused any trouble, More Ravnos are welcome if they wish.

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