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Post  Myna on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:26 am

Greetings, I am going to start with just a few to get us going, more may be added as necissary so check back every once and awhile.

1: Respect. This means respect the GM's, respect other players. No one deserves to be talked down to and no one deserves to be cursed out. If you don't think you can maintain this fundimental rule, go, take a break, and come back when your clear headed.

2: Language. Everyone curses now and then, it happens. However try to keep it toned down, there is no need for everything you say to have such words in it. If the members cannot keep it at a managable level filters will be put into place.

3: Administration. If you are having a problem with another member that you do not feel you can resolve on your own, talk to an admin or a GM about it. If you are having a problem with a GM talk to an admin about it. If your having a problem with an Admin, maybe you should step back and look at what your problems are exactly.

4: Posting. You are a member, you are not a gm, you are not an admin. You may remind someone of a rule, you may help new members along. Don't try to order them around, if there is a serious issue, a GM or Admin will handle it.

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