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[Profile] Merik Dimintris

Post  merik on Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:36 pm


Name: Merik Dimintris
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: 461
Generation: 4th



Selective Digestion (2 pt. Flaw): Blood Type O

Selective Digestion (2 pt. Flaw): Taste Of Terror

Hunted (3 pt. Flaw): Group TBA

Hatred (3 pt. Flaw): Werewolves

Merits: Eidetic Memory (2 pt. Merit): You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail.

Iron Will (3 pt. Merit): When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. You cannot be Dominated, nor can your mind be affected in any way by spells or rituals.

Nightclub (2 pt. Merit): You own a moderate-sized nightclub, perhaps one of the hottest nightspots in the city. This club brings in enough money to support you in moderate luxury ($1000 a month, but it can grow), but more important than the money is the prestige. You may use the nightclub as your haven, or you may simply hang out there. The name of the nightclub, its style, design, and its regular patrons are all up to you. Variations on this theme could include: a restaurant, theater, comedy club, sports arena, or retail store.

Blush of Health (2 pt. Merit): You appear to still be alive due to some quirk of your vampiric metabolism. Your skin feels only slightly cool to the touch, and you retain normal human coloration.

Alternate ID (1 pt. Merit): You have a complete alter-ego that is established in the mortal and/or vampire world, complete with a different history and different set of acquaintances than your normal self. Tremere are the most likely to have this merit, and it's the Storyteller's decisions as to Sabbat infiltrators (though Sabbat spies themselves commonly have this merit).

Occult Library (Free): You possess a library of occult materials, which may include at least one version of The Book of Nod. You are not necessarily familiar with the contents of these volumes of knowledge (that is a function of your Abilities), but in times of need your library can be an invaluable source for research.

Auspex **
Dominate *
Thaumaturgy ***
Obfuscate ***

Age ***
Influence ***

Alertness ***
Dodge ***
Subterfuge **
Etiquette *
Academics **
Occult ****
Resources ****

cruor subpono - The blood Forge. An item of great power thought lost back in the middle ages. Used to create weapons and armor with subtle magical like qualities and sometimes spirits of their own

Vita Raptor - The Life Thief. A ceremonial dagger constantly worn on Merik's hip that when used to inflict wounds can steal the life force from it's victim and store it inside the blade. Stored energy can later be consumed to heal wounds (Either himself or another vampire)


Height: Six Feet, Four Inches
Weight: Two Hundred Ten Pounds
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Shoulder Length, Silver
Physical Appearance: Merik is an opposing figure standing at just over six feet in height. Piercing violet eyes peering coldly from underneath bangs the color of the purest silver. His skin appears slightly pale, almost Ivory in color as if he doesn't see much sunlight but it goes very well with his hair and eyes. Normally when seen outside the confines of the Tremere safe houses he will be wearing a silk ivory colored shirt, a pair of white khaki's as well as a pair of ivory boots. On his waist is a leather belt, also Ivory colored containing an ivory sheath which has a handle portuding from above, the handle also colored Ivory with a small onyx set in the center

Human: Coming Soon
Vampire: Coming Soon
Other: Coming Soon

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Re: [Profile] Merik Dimintris

Post  Myna on Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:00 pm

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