[Profile] Zane - Vampire

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[Profile] Zane - Vampire

Post  Ravanos on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:41 pm

Name: Zane (Last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: 86 (22 In human appearance)

Generation: 7th
Clan: Ravnos

Lazy (Free)
Compulsion (1 pt. Flaw, Drinking)
Intolerance (1 pt. Flaw,To The Tzimisce)

Jack of all trades (Free)
Common Sense (1 pt. Merit)
Mansion (2 pt. Merit)

Herd *
Resources ***

Animalism *
Chimerstry **
Fortitude **

Abilities: 13 Points - 1 Left over

Streetwise: **
Athletic: **
Dodge: **
Subterfuge: **

Skills: 9 Points - 0 Left over.

Firearms: **
Drive: *
Melee: **
Security: **
Stealth: ***

Knowledge: 5 Points - 0 Left over

Medicine: **
Academics: *
Occult: *

Possessions: 9mm pistol and a Switchblade.


Height: 5'11

Weight: 195 Pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Short, Blond.

Physical Appearance:

Muscular for his height, Short, Blond hair, Along with a distinctive 5'o clock shadow which never seems to leave his face, A Denim jacket and a T-Shirt, Dark blue jeans and sneakers are his usual attire. The T-Shirt bearing the symbol of the Ravnos on its sleeve. Of course this is only in assignments or other mischief he causes, When residing in his mansion, or going to a fancy occasion he usually wears a tuxedo or something of the like.


Vampire: Zane, Now Zane of the Ravnos, Was turned at the ripe young age of 22, During 1924, Feb 13th, He was a young reporter, Coming along for the alleged opening of King Tut's Tomb, Being the exited young one of the group, He stayed for the after party, and met a beautiful Gypsy woman named Elaina, They fell in love and began to travel the world together, What young Zane did not know, was that she was in a relationship, with a particularity powerful 6th generation vampire.

They encountered each other on the road, and the vampire became enraged, in a frenzy, He took poor Zane by the collar of his shirt, and sunk his teeth in, Nearly draining him dry and afterwords throwing him off into the woods, leaving him for dead.

Luckily, another traveling Ravnos took pity on his dying corpse, and turned him, Afterwords he discovered himself in an abandoned barn, Shielded from the sun, He got up, and went great lengths to find his master, He visited almost every country in the world in his long mission; Such as Italy, Where he found a ruined apartment that he thought belonged to his sire, After extensive searching he found some papers, giving him clues that his master went to Tokyo, He looked for years but found nothing, But was tipped off by another Ravnos that his sire went to Mexico.

He looked though Tokyo and Mexico, and everything in between, But found nothing, Until on his way up to New York he found a dead vampire, Clawed up by werewolves, believed to be his sire.

Overcome by frustration, He headed up to New York to start a new existence, and Later found out that a relative had left him a mansion soon after the expedition. He lives there now, And has converted it to a Ravnos Haven as-well as a home for himself, He resides in peace surrounded by his own kind.

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Re: [Profile] Zane - Vampire

Post  Myna on Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:57 pm


Background: Herd 1 - Resource 3

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Re: [Profile] Zane - Vampire

Post  merik on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:19 pm

I concur with Myna's decision on this one, If i had to change anything i would say take away a point of resources and add it into Contacts for

Herd 1
Resource 2
Contacts 1


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Re: [Profile] Zane - Vampire

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