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Backgrounds and Abilities

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When making your character you have access to certain abilities and backgrounds. You can choose from more as you progress, and certain levels appropriate ones may be awareded to you upon creation depending on what you have designed your character to be and their backgrounds.

Every 3 levels you get 1 point to spend on your background, weather to advance what you already have or to simply get something new.


Age (Consult Admin)
* 200 years or less active, +30 Reputation points, +2 levels
** 200 to 350 years active, +55 Reputation points, +3 levels
*** 350 to 500 years active, +75 Reputation points, +4 levels
**** 500 to 750 years active, +90 Reputation points, +5 levels
***** Ancient: Active for more then 750 years (!), +100 Reputation points, + 6 levels

* One ally of moderate influence and power
** Two allies, both of them of moderate power
*** Three allies, one of them quite influential
**** Four allies, one of them very influential
***** Five allies, one of them extremely influential

* Easily overlooked
** Hard to follow
*** It takes a detective to shadow you
**** Maybe he passed through here a couple years ago
***** Never heard of the guy

* One major contact
** Two major contacts
*** Three major contacts
**** Four major contacts
***** Five major contacts

* You are known by a select subculture of society in the city:
among the elite.
** Your face is recognized by a majority of the populace:
local celebrity.
*** You are fairly famous: many know your name and face.
**** You are quite renowned: everybody know something about you.
***** You are a nationally famous individual- a movie star,
politician, or performer.

* Increase Generation by 1 rank, may not raise above 8th generation
** Increase Generation by 1 rank, may not raise above 7th generation
*** Increase Generation by 1 rank, may not raise above 6th generation
**** Increase Generation by 1 rank, may not raise above 5th generation
***** Increase Generation by 1 rank, may not raise above 5th generation

* 3 vessels
** 7 vessels
*** 15 vessels
**** 30 vessels
***** 60 vessels

* Moderately influential: a factor in local politics.
** Well-connected: a factor in city politics.
*** Position of influence: a factor in state politics.
**** Broad personal power: a factor in regional politics.
***** Vastly influential: a factor in national politics.

* Mentor is an ancilla (ductus or pack priest), and of little influence.
** Mentor is an elder (or priest) and is well respected.
*** Mentor is a member of the primogen (bishop).
**** Mentor is a prince (archbishop) and has much power over the city.
***** Mentor is a Justicar (priscus or cardinal) and is extraordinarily

Military Force (Consult Admin)
* Surly mob: 15 poorly organized and untrained thugs.
** Militia: 25 functionally trained security guards
*** SWAT team: 40 capable fighters
**** Veteran troops: 75 combat-seasoned soldiers
***** Elite company: 100 battle-hardened troops, 6+ Special weapons,
greater quantities and perhaps even national armed forces?

* Small savings: You have an apartment and perhaps a motorcycle.
If liquidated,you would have $1000 in cash. Allowance of $500
a month.
** Middle class: you have an apartment or condominium. If liquidated
you have $8000 in cash. Allowance of $1200 a month.
*** Large savings: You own a house (or at least have some equity).
If liquidated you could have %50,000 in cash. Allowance of
$3,000 a month.
**** Well off: You own a very large house, or perhaps a dilapidated
mansion. If liquidated you would have $500,000 in cash. Allowance
of $9,000 a month.
***** Fantastically rich: you are easily a millionaire many times over.
If liquidated, you could have at least $5,000,000 in cash.
Allowance of $30,000 a month.

Retainers (Ghouls)
* One retainer.
** Two retainers.
*** Three retainers.
**** Four retainers.
***** Five retainers.

* Known: a neonate. (Ductus or Pack Priest/Well Known)
** Respected: an ancilla. (Templar or Paladin/Respected)
*** High Status: an elder. (Bishop/Renowned)
**** Powerful: a member of the primogen. (Archbishop/Pillar of
the Sabbat)
***** Luminary: a prince. (Priscus or cardinal/Luminary)

Black Hand Membership (Sabbat ONLY)
* You are a grunt; You may call upon Black Hand member once a month
** You are known and respected in the Black Hand; you may call upon 2
Black Hand members once a month
*** You are held in the Black Hand's regard; you may call up to 5 Black
Hand members once a month
**** You are a hero among members of the Black Hand's; you may call
upon 7 Black Hand members twice a month (but you'd better
have just cause if it seems you're becoming soft,you may lose
points in this background). You may also lead large numbers of
Hand members into action should it ever become necessary.
***** You are part of Black Hand legend; you may call upon 12 Black
Hand members twice a month. You may also lead large numbers of Hand members into action should it ever become necessary. The Seraphim may even seek you counsel
on matters of import.

Alternate Identity (Sabbat ONLY)
* You are new to the identity game. Sometimes you slip and forget your
other persona.
** You are well grounded in your alternate ID. You are convincing
enough to play the part of a doctor, lawyer, funeral salesman,
drug-smuggler or a capable spy.
*** You have a fair reputation as your alternate persona and get
name-recognition in the area where you have infiltrated.
**** Your alternate ID has respect and trust within your area
of infiltration.
***** You command respect in your area of infiltration, and you
man even have accumulated a bit of status. You have the trust
(or at least the recognition)of many powerful individuals within
your area.

Most everyone has certain abilities, vampires are not exception. When you make your character you are considered to have certain abilities. You pick from the three categories. Talent, Skills and Knowledge. Each category depending on how you decide to choose will have points. Each point can be used to buy ranks in whatever you decide. Keep in mind a rank 2 ability will cost you 2 points instead of one.
In your primary category you have 13 points
In your secondary category you have 9 points
In your final category you have 5 points.
If you are a Human instead of a vampire it works a little differently and you only get 11, 7 and 4 points to spend in their respective categories. More may be awarded depending on the mortal and again if said mortal does eventually become a vampire.
More may or may not be awarded for exceptional backgrounds at character creation, and you will be given additional points when you level up.


This is your basic knack for noticing things that go on around you, even when you’re not actively looking for them. Alertness describes the attention you pay to the outside world, whether otherwise occupied or not. This Talent is typically paired with Perception, and is best used when sensing physical stimuli (as opposed to moods or clues).
* Novice: You’re no mindless drone.
** Practiced: Habitual eavesdropper.
*** Competent: You keep a sharp eye on your surroundings.
**** Expert: Whether from paranoia or good sense, you are rarely caught off guard.
***** Master: Your senses are on par with those of a wild animal.

This Talent represents your basic athletic ability, as well as any training you might have had in sports or other rigorous activities. Athletics concerns all forms of running, jumping, throwing, swimming, sports and the like; however, it doesn’t cover basic motor actions such as lifting weights, nor does it govern athletic feats covered by another Ability (such as Melee).
* Novice: You had an active childhood.
** Practiced: High-school athlete
*** Competent: Professional athlete
**** Expert: Top-notch in your sport
***** Master: Olympic medalist

The Brawl Talent represents how well you fight in tooth- and-nail situations. This Talent represents skill in unarmed combat, whether from formal martial-arts training or simply from plenty of experience either type can make you a dangerous adversary. Effective brawlers are coordinated, resistant to pain, quick, strong and mean; the willingness to do whatever it takes to hurt your opponent wins plenty of fights.
* Novice: You were picked on as a kid.
** Practiced: You’ve seen the occasional barroom tussle.
*** Competent: You’ve fought regularly and routinely, and generally walked away in better shape than your opponents.
**** Expert: You could be a serious contender on a boxing circuit.
***** Master: You can kill three men in four seconds.

The first rule of self-preservation, this Talent covers your ability to avoid blows, missile fire or even oncoming cars. Dodge entails taking cover, ducking punches or any other methods of getting out of harm’s way.
* Novice: You can reflexively duck and cover your head.
** Practiced: You’ve weathered a self-defense class.
*** Competent: You can evade thrown rocks, maybe even knives.
**** Expert: It’d take a skilled brawler to land a punch.
***** Master:You can virtually sidestep bullets.

You understand the emotions of others, and can sympathize with, feign sympathy for, or play on such emotions as you see fit. You are an easy hand at discerning motive, and might be able to pick up on when someone’s lying to you. However, you may be so in tune with other people’s feelings that your own emotions are affected.
* Novice: You lend the occasional shoulder to cry on.
** Practiced: You can sometimes literally feel someone else’s suffering.
*** Competent: You have a keen insight into other people’s motivations.
**** Expert: It’s almost impossible to lie to you.
***** Master: The human soul conceals no mysteries from you.

This is your ability to get your point across clearly, whether through conversation, poetry or even email. Characters with high Expression can phrase their opinions or beliefs in a manner that cannot be ignored (even if their opinions are misinformed or worthless). They might also be talented actors, skilled at conveying moods or feigning emotion with every gesture. Additionally, this Talent represents your ability for poetry, creative writing or other literary art forms.
* Novice: Your talent has matured past crude poetry on notebook paper.
** Practiced: You could lead a college debate team.
*** Competent: You could be a successful writer.
****Expert: Your work is Pulitzer material.
***** Master: A visionary such as yourself comes along only once in every generation.

Intimidation takes many forms, from outright threats and physical violence to mere force of personality. You know the right method for each occasion, and can be very....persuasive.
* Novice: Crude teenage bully
** Practiced: Mugger
*** Competent: Drill sergeant
**** Expert: Your air of authority cows casual passersby.
***** Master: You can frighten off vicious animals.

You are an example to others and can inspire them to do what you want. Leadership has less to do with manipulating people’s desires than it does with presenting yourself as the sort of person they want to follow. This Talent is usually paired with Charisma rather than Manipulation.
* Novice: Captain of your Little League team
** Practiced: Student body president
*** Competent: An effective CEO
**** Expert: Presidential material
***** Master: You could be the lord and master of a nation.

The streets can provide a lot of information or money to those who know the language. Streetwise allows you to blend in unobtrusively with the local scene, pick up gossip, understand slang or even dabble in criminal doings.
* Novice: You know who sells drugs.
** Practiced: You’re accorded respect on the street.
*** Competent: You could head your own gang.
**** Expert: You have little to fear in even the worst neighborhoods.
***** Master: If you haven’t heard it, it hasn’t been said.

You know how to conceal your own motives and project what you like. Furthermore, you can root out other people’s motives, then use those motives against them. This Talent defines your talent for intrigue, secrets and double dealing; mastery of Subterfuge can make you the ultimate seducer, or a brilliant spy.
* Novice: You tell the occasional little white lie.
** Practiced: Vampire
*** Competent: Criminal lawyer
**** Expert: Deep-cover agent
***** Master:You’re the very last person anyone would suspect.


Animal Ken
You can understand an animal’s behavior patterns. This Skill allows you to predict how an animal might react in a given situation, train a domesticated creature, or even try to calm or enrage animals.
* Novice: You can get a domesticated horse to let you pet it.
** Practiced: You can housebreak a puppy.
*** Competent: You could train a seeing-eye dog.
**** Expert: Circus trainer
***** Master: You can tame wild beasts without benefit of supernatural powers.

This Skill covers your ability to make or fix things with your hands. Crafts allows you to work in fields such as carpentry, leatherwork, weaving or even mechanical expertise such as car repair. You can even create lasting works of art with this Skill, depending on the number of successes you achieve. You must always choose a specialization in Crafts, even though you retain some skill in multiple fields.
* Novice: High-school wood shop
** Practiced: You’re starting to develop your own style.
*** Competent: You could make a living at your work.
**** Expert: Your work might be featured in college- level textbooks for your field.
***** Master: Your artistry is virtually without peer.

You can drive a car, and maybe other vehicles as well. This Skill does not automatically entail familiarity with complicated vehicles such as tanks or 18-wheelers, and difficulties may vary depending on your experience with individual automobiles. After all, helming a station wagon doesn’t prepare you for controlling a Lotus at 100 miles per hour.
* Novice: You know how to work an automatic transmission.
** Practiced: You can drive a stick shift.
*** Competent: Professional trucker
**** Expert: NASCAR daredevil or tank pilot
*****Master: You can make a Yugo do tricks out of a James Bond movie.

You understand the nuances of proper behavior, in both mortal society and Kindred culture. Your specialty is the culture with which you are most familiar. This Skill is used during haggling, seduction, dancing, dinner etiquette and all forms of diplomacy.
* Novice: You know when to keep your mouth shut.
** Practiced: You’ve been to a black-tie event or two.
*** Competent: You know your way around even obscure silverware.
**** Expert: Her Majesty would consider you charming.
***** Master: If the right people came to dinner, you could end wars or start them.

Executing a mortal with a sword starts investigations. Clawing someone to ribbons shakes the edges of the Masquerade. So Cainites adapt, and many have devoted their energies to learning how to kill with guns. This Skill represents familiarity with a range of firearms, from holdout pistols to heavy machine guns. Of course, this Skill doesn’t include heavy artillery such as mortars or tank guns. However, someone skilled in Firearms can clean, repair, recognize and, of course, accurately fire most forms of small arms. This Skill is also used to unjam guns.
* Novice: You had a BB gun as a kid.
** Practiced: You while away the occasional hour at the gun club.
*** Competent: You’ve survived a firefight or two.
**** Expert: You could pick off people for a living.
***** Master: You’ve been practicing since the debut of the Winchester.

As the Kindred maxim runs, Guns mean nothing to a lifeless heart. A blade is often worth far more, as is the skill to use it properly. Melee covers your ability to use hand-to-hand weapons of all forms, from swords and clubs to esoteric martial-arts paraphernalia such as sai or nunchaku. And, of course, there is always the utility of the wooden stake....
* Novice: You know the right way to hold a knife.
** Practiced: You may have been in the occasional street fight.
*** Competent: You could make a college fencing team.
**** Expert: You could keep order in the prince’s court.
***** Master: Your enemies would rather face a SWAT team than your blade.

The Performance Skill governs your ability to perform artistic endeavors such as singing, dancing, acting or playing a musical instrument. You are almost certainly specialized in one field, although true virtuosos may be talented in many forms of performance. This Skill represents not only technical know-how, but the ability to work an audience and enrapture them with your show.
* Novice: You could sing in the church choir.
** Practiced: You could get a leading part in a college production.
*** Competent: You’re in demand at the local clubs.
**** Expert: You have the talent to be a national sensation.
***** Master: You are a virtuoso without peer.

This Skill entails familiarity with the tools and techniques for picking locks, deactivating car or burglar alarms, hot-wiring automobiles or even safecracking, as well as countless forms of breaking and entering. Security is useful not only for theft, but also for setting up “the unbeatable system” or deducing where a thief broke in.
* Novice: You can pick a simple lock.
** Practiced: You can hot-wire a car.
*** Competent: You can bypass or disable house alarms.
**** Expert: You can crack a safe.
***** Master: You could get a bomb out of — or into the Pentagon.

This Skill is the ability to avoid being detected, whether you’re hiding or moving at the time. Stealth is often tested against someone else’s Perception. This Ability is, for obvious reasons, highly useful in stalking prey.
* Novice: You can hide in a darkened room.
** Practiced: You can shadow someone from streetlight to streetlight.
*** Competent: You have little difficulty finding prey from evening to evening.
**** Expert: You can move quietly over dry leaves.
***** Master: Nosferatu elder

Although vampires have little to fear from starvation and exposure, the wilderness can still be dangerous to a Cainite. This Skill allows you to find shelter, navigate your way to civilization, track prey and possibly even avoid werewolves (although this last is exceedingly difficult).
* Novice: You can survive a five-mile hike.
** Practiced: You “roughed it” on a regular basis.
*** Competent: You know poisonous mushrooms from edible ones.
**** Expert: You could live for months in the wilderness of your choice.
***** Master: You could get dropped naked into the Andes and do all right for yourself.


This catchall Knowledge covers the character’s erudition in the “humanities”: literature, history, art, philosophy and other “liberal” sciences. A character with dots in Academics is generally well-rounded in these fields, and at high levels may be considered an expert in one or more areas of study. Not only can this Knowledge impress at salons and other Elysium functions, but it can also offer valuable clues to certain past and future — movements in the Jyhad.
* Student: You’re aware that 1066 is something more than a Beverly Hills area code.
** College: You can quote from the classics, identify major cultural movements, and expound on the difference between Ming and Moghul.
*** Masters: You could get a paper published in a scholarly journal.
**** Doctorate: Professor emeritus
***** Scholar: Scholars worldwide acknowledge you as one of the foremost experts of your time.

This Knowledge represents the ability to operate and program computers, as well as the savvy to keep up with the latest technology.
* Student: Point and click.
** College: You can process data with relative ease.
*** Masters: You can design software.
**** Doctorate: You can make a very comfortable living as a consultant.
***** Scholar: You’re on the bleeding edge.

You know the ins and outs of commerce, from evaluating an item’s relative worth to keeping up with currency exchange rates. This Knowledge can be invaluable when brokering items, running numbers or playing the stock market. Sufficiently high levels in Finance allow you to raise your standards of living to a very comfortable level.
* Student: You’ve taken a few business classes.
** College: You have some practical experience and can keep your books fairly neat.
*** Masters: You’d make a fine stockbroker.
**** Doctorate: Corporations follow your financial lead.
***** Scholar: You could turn a $20 bill into a fortune.

You’ve learned to notice details others might overlook, and might make an admirable detective. This Knowledge represents not only a good eye for detail, but also an ability to do research and follow leads.
* Student: You’ve read your share of Agatha Christie.
** College: Police officer
*** Masters: Private detective
**** Doctorate: Federal agent
***** Scholar: Sherlock Holmes

With all the lawyers and lawmakers out there, this Knowledge can prove very useful. Law can be useful for filing suit, avoiding lawsuits or getting out of jail. What’s more, even the Kindred keep their own laws, and more than one vampire has saved his own unlife by deftly exploiting a loophole in one of the Traditions.
* Student: You’ve watched your share of courtroom dramas.
** College: You’re either studying for or just passed the bar exam.
*** Masters: Ambulance chaser
**** Doctorate: Major public figures have your number — just in case.
***** Scholar: You could find the loopholes in the Devil’s contract.

You begin play with the native language of your choice for free, but if you want to speak any other languages, whether modern or ancient, Linguistics is a must. This Ability allows you to understand additional languages, but at high levels also offers a more general understanding of linguistic structure. Linguistics may allow you to recognize accents or decipher word puzzles.
* Student: One extra language
** College: Two extra languages
*** Masters: Four extra languages
**** Doctorate: Eight extra languages
***** Scholar: 16 extra languages

You have an understanding of how the human body, and to a lesser extent the vampiric body, works. This Ability entails knowledge of medicines, ailments, first-aid procedures, and diagnosis or treatment of disease. Medicine is of great use to those Kindred with an interest in repairing, damaging or reworking the human body.
* Student: You’ve taken a CPR course.
** College: Premed or paramedic
*** Masters: General practitioner
**** Doctorate: You can perform transplants.
***** Scholar: You are respected by the world’s medical community as a modern-day Aesculapius.

You are knowledgeable in occult areas such as mysticism, curses, magic, folklore and particularly vampire lore. Unlike most other Knowledges, Occult does not imply a command of hard, factual information; much of what you know may well be rumor, myth, speculation or hearsay. However, the secrets to be learned in this field are worth centuries of sifting legend from fact. High levels of Occult imply a deep understanding of vampire lore, as well as a good grounding in other aspects of the occult; at the very least, you can discern what is patently false.
* Student: You’ve paged through the New Age section of a Waldenbooks.
** College: There seems to be some unsettling truth to some of the rumors you’ve heard.
*** Masters: You’ve heard a lot and actually seen a little for yourself.
**** Doctorate: You can recognize blatantly false sources and make educated guesses about the rest.
***** Scholar: You know most of the basic truths about the hidden world.

You are familiar with the politics of the moment, including the people in charge and how they got there. This Knowledge can aid you in dealing with or influencing mortal politicians, or even offer some insight into the local Cainite power structure.
* Student: Activist
** College: Political science major
*** Masters: Campaign manager or talk-radio host
**** Doctorate: Senator
*****Scholar: You could choose the next President of the United States.

You have at least a basic understanding of most of the physical sciences, such as chemistry, biology, physics and geology. This Knowledge can be put to all forms of practical use.
* Student: You know most of the high-school basics.
** College: You’re familiar with the major theories.
*** Masters: You could teach high-school science.
**** Doctorate: You’re fully capable of advancing the knowledge in your field.
***** Scholar: Your Nobel Prize is waiting for you.

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