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Name: Myna
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: Human
Generation: N/A
Clan: N/A

Disiplines: N/A

Merit's: Vampic Only Merit's wont come into effect while still human.

Additional Discipline (Free - Celerity): You have the ability to learn an additional discipline without a teacher, at the in-clan costs. Your starting discipline levels may be in this discipline.

Eidetic Memory (2 pt. Merit): You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail.

Ambidextrous (1 pt. Merit): You may use both hands equally well, eliminating the penalty for off hand tool use. This does not give you extra actions and can reduce the difficulty when using two tools or weapons at once.

Baby Face (2 pt. Merit): You look more human than other vampires, enabling you to fit in the human world much more easily. Your skin is pink, you never really stopped breathing (even though you don't need to), and even sneezing comes naturally. You can make your heart beat as long as you are not feeling tired or drained(aka need to feed). This merit cannot be taken by Nosferatu.

Silence (1 pt. Merit): You have an unusual ability to move quietly that goes far beyond the norm. (you can even move quietly over dry leaves). Should the wind blow while you are moving, there is no way to hear you.

Flaw's: Vampic Only Flaw's wont come into effect while still human.

Shy (Free): You are ill at ease dealing with people and try to avoid social situations wherever possible. Don't expect the character to make a public speech.

Selective Digestion (2 pt. Flaw): (Can only drink high grade blood pure of illegal drugs and too much corruption (Alchahol on minor levels is tolerable to her)
You can digest only certain types of blood. You can choose whether you can drink only cold blood (the blood of a dead person), blood with the taste of fear (found in blood only in moments of terror, or blood with the taste of joy, or perhaps only certain types (A, O, etc) of blood. This flaw may be taken by Ventrue characters, however it must limit what they can drink even further.

Short (1 pt. Flaw): You are well below average height, and have trouble seeing over high objects and moving quickly (Can be overcome by Celerity ranks). In some circumstances, this will give you a concealment bonus.

Slow Healing (3 pt. Flaw): You are slow to heal all wounds (this can be dangerous for aggravated wounds). You are slow to heal normal wounds, needing greater attention and healing times to recover fully.

Low Self-Image (2 pt. Flaw): You lack confidence in yourself, this can be anything from thinking you are fat and ugly to not feeling on par with others, even if in actuality you are stronger, or better than them.

Allies *
Arcane **
Contact **

Primary - Talents : 11 - 1 left over
Alertness: ***
Atheletic :***
Dodge :***
Subterfuge :*

Secondary - Skills: 7 - 1 left over.
Drive: **
Etiquitte: *
Melee: ***

Final - Knowledge: 4 - 0 left over
Investigation: *
Occult: *
Science: *
Linguistics : * Latin

Special: Myna was not only grafted to be a hunter when she was very young but was also born with a predilection to the craft with a strange ability to sense vampires as well as being able to tell how much of a threat they are. The Vampires would say it would be, being able to sense generation as well as age and impossible for a mortal to be able to do.

Possessions: Sai's - These weapons are bladed instead of the traditionally blunt, awarded to her when she was 16 and had as far as her father was concerned 'completed' her training. They are crafted out of the finest quality pure silver and the weapon she is most proficient with.

Lamia nox noctis - A black book written in latin that holds lost knowledge. Said to be stolen centuries previous.

Hunter's Journal - Just that her journal.


Height: 5'0
Weight: 120
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Wavy, waist length, brown
Physical Appearance: Considered by any stretch of the imagination at least beautiful, she is one of those rare individuals that sees herself as average but can make a set of rags seem glamorous. Her torso is molded to both look very feminine and deadly depending what she wishes to exude, her body is toned and slender, covering muscle that doesn't seem apparent at first or even second glance. She has long wavy brown hair and startlingly blue eyes a pale but warm skin tone and prefers dark colors, even when she finds the need to use makeup and enhancers her colors are neutral toned colors.

Favoring T-shirt and Jeans she is not one to get dressed up, most of the time she can be seen in an ankle length buttery black leather jacket and boots that seem to match. She wears but one piece of jewlery which is a necklace made from white gold actually instead of the silver she seems to favor and has a single red gem in the middle. When she does dress up its in a somehow stylish and still somewhat casual way, always in pants though they turn into a styled dress pant or cloaked jean. Her tops tend to be more skimpy but still elegant.


She stepped forward the shimmering metal whistling through the air as it collided against blade, spinning the prongs locked in and setting the other in place she kept him from drawing his sword back, she flipped her body up and her shoe caught him straight in the face, she continued the flip as he went flying backwards, the sword flinging free with an audible ping she landed in a crouch not a foot away not a sound to mark the event, of course the fact they were fighting a sandy surface helped with that. She flipped her Sais around pulling them into her body, as the sword finally fell slicing through the sand pommel up right beside her.

She slowly rose straight, her startling blue eyes locked on him as he got up. She was attractive, everything one could look for in a woman. Lean and muscular, with the sort of assets that made a woman that every man could drool over, regardless what they liked the best on a woman. Her long wavy hair was currently tied back in a tight ponytail that fell halfway down her back. Her soft skin had a slight tan to it at the moment, when winter came again it would turn pale again. In her white T shirt that was tied at the bottom to show off the muscles of her abdominals which were still taut from the workout, and jean shorts which were obviously pants at some point as they where fraid at the ends where they had been cut.

He shook his head and got to his feet, he himself was tall, at least two heads taller than her, with muscles rippling out of the black muscle shirt and track pants he wore. He had copper skin and ebony black hair that was cut short. In his early thirties he was experienced, trained and had just had his ass handed to him by this…little girl. Was all he could think, she couldn’t yet be sixteen and there she stood watching him with those cold blue eyes of hers. He walked over and drew his sword from the ground at her side.

She tensed as he took his blade back, ready prepared, yet she would allow him to attack first. She would use his size against him as she had been doing this whole time. Men like him tended to depend on it and when they met someone who knew how to use that dependency against them, well they were just fucked. However this was the best her father had to offer, well until the next test, there was always a next test. She had been tested, trained, since she was old enough to walk and talk. He had tested her himself once a year until she was twelve and she beat him down it had been satisfying, but since then every six months instead of every year he had sent someone else to do it.

“I yield” he said with a slight chuckle in his throat. “You’re too good for me. I will notify your father in the morning”

She went from offensive to relaxed and flipped the sai’s around as only one who spent a lifetime using them could do and slid them into their sheaths at her waist.

“Very well, sir.” She said in that same soft and void of all emotion, tone she tended to always have. She turned on her heels and walked off towards the house which was only a few feet away.

“Where are you going?” he asked as she just started to leave, no thanks, or good try or you suck. Nothing she just accepted it and was now leaving.

“If you must know, I am going for a shower, it is hot and I am covered in sand” she said rather flippantly looking at him over her shoulder for a moment before giving him a backwards wave as she entered the bungalow.

He smirked, well at least it was something he thought and opened up his cell phone, raising it to his ear as he slid his sword back into the sheath also at his side. He honestly was amazed at her, she knew where to hit and when, she even seemed to know where he was going to be even before he did.

“Ah, sir. Yes. She’s ready”

“Well yes of course sir. I meant no disrespect.”


Thinking he walked around the house instead of into it and to the shiny black car in front of the house, his car, he threw his sword in the passenger seat and drove off. He had been ordered to return so he would return. She still stayed in his mind as he drove off.

She however was not thinking of him she was thinking about how she was sick of this and if her father could not even find her a challenge he might as well not even bother. Miserable son of a….she took a deep breath, inhaling the steam of the shower as she calmed herself.

She finished rinsing her hair out then stepped out of the shower pulling a white towel around her she headed down the hall and into her bedroom, it was a small little room, with a bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror and a radio which was currently playing some fast paced metallic sounding song. She dressed anew with the same type of shirt only this one was black and a pair of proper jeans.

She looked at herself in the mirror and felt the sadness...the lonliness creap up on her. She was so sick of it, always alone, she wasn’t allowed to have friends, and she wasn’t allowed to develop relationships. Her day was structured to train and to study and for all her father’s and her tutor’s teaching; she could not bring herself to hate them. They destroyed lives? How? Honestly from what she saw they hid from humanity. She had decided long ago however she didn’t need to hate them, she would just do as she was told and her feelings could remain her own.


“Myna Elequitrina” she heard the voice call out to her, she knew it and she literally winced internally at the sound of it. Her father, she didn’t want to see him and his presence never brought her any joy. Even so she obeyed and got up from the deck outside where she had been sitting looking at the sky, the small black kitten she had adopted to keep her company sitting on her lap. She had jumped down and stolen her chair when she got up and went into the house to greet the man.

He was rough, with dark hair like her own but his was cut military style, he was military through and through and he dressed the part. She stopped a foot in front of him and waited her hands clasped behind her back, it was a safe pose to stand in with him. He was not abusive but he did like to make her life difficult and more unpleasant than it already was when he so much as sensed disrespect.

“Good, there you are. I dare say I am pleased tomorrow you turn sixteen officially. With your victory earlier today you have completed your training as far as I am concerned. You will be expected to continue to improve yourself. However from this day forward you are considered a part of the organization. Congratulations Daughter” He said to her in that calm and flat tone before handing her what looked like a briefcase.

She rose one eyebrow and unlocked her hands taking it before turning to the table to her right and setting it down she clicked the snaps open, the lid rose slowly to reveal two very unique weapons. They where a set of sai’s however they were so different than what she was used to seeing. Shining silver in the dim light of the house, the grips where twisted with a natural grip imbedded into the metal instead of wrapping overtop of it. The three prongs where instead of round and blunt where flatter and bladed on each side. Curving down the main prong was writing in, yes that was Latin. A prayer…a curse, different and impressive, she turned to look at her father.

“They are crafted out of pure silver, the vials inside the case can be used to lacquer them if you are facing something too difficult for your skills to handle. You will be expected to prepare yourself, you will be sent out with Leo tomorrow for your first assignment. You get only this one time with a partner so I suggest you learn the steps fast. Try not to disappoint me” he said before turning on his heels and leaving her alone in the house again.

She frowned then looked back to the weapons, pulling them out she flipped them around in her hand. They had good balance, good weight. Yes she could use them without issue, her attention turned there where ten little vials packed into the case, werewolf blood. She could read it on the label clear as day, and she nodded to herself and replacing these new sai’s with the old ones she set them into the little black sheaths she used to protect her weapons.


It had been four years since she had been thrown into the thick of things, and she had indeed learned the steps, but it wasn’t the only thing she had learned. She had learned a lot of the truths about these vampires. Some weaker targets she had the pleasure of interrogating, and vampire or human it didn’t seem to matter pain was an excellent motivator it seemed. Sure Vampires had to be handled differently their pain tolerance was different than a human’s but oh she had learned some fun tricks. However the best tool she had found had been a book she had picked up just south of London when she had been sent there after an annoying mark that had gone by the name of Ceron. This mark was not vampire, it was another hunter who had gone rogue. He was easy enough to find, as was the vampire who attempted to save him. She had killed them both and taken a very interesting book in Latin that had given her some very interesting information on the kind she hunted and it ultimately had made her a better hunter and at the same time enhanced her belief they where no real threat. It was her life though and it was not one she had an out of. So she hunted now however was different she thought as she looked down at the folder in front of her with the picture of a pale skinned man, dressed in a simple black dress shirt and pants. He was..in a word. Gorgeous.

“Toreador” she mumbled under her breath as she turned her eyes from his and looked out the window, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. He was not near right now though a couple other weak ones where.

The thing that made her the best, the thing that no one but her father believed was true was the fact she could sense them, tell how strong they were and it let her track them. Of course it had its limits if they were too far away she couldn’t tell but she didn’t need to know if there was a vampire three miles away.

It would be time soon, if her tracking so far had been accurate he would be just leaving this salon he visited, run by his clan from what she had discovered, then he would stop by a club some swanky place done up to attract the rich and the vain. He would spend an hour there before heading to his house. A small place he kept separate from his haven for when he wanted private time to indulge.

That is where she would get him, so she had just over an hour. She started moving, tucking her sai’s in her boots she tucked her pant leg overtop of them, then tucked into her belt she had a dozen little dart sized knives.

She pulled on her long leather coat and left the apartment she had been staying in for the past two weeks. It had taken time to track him down and to know his routine but they called her the Princess of the night for a reason.

Heading out of the complex the cold night hair hit her, winter would come soon and it was a nice night, the moon was bright and the air was crisp and she ignored the biting of it as she started to jog through the paths that would cut through the forest and cut a bit of time off her trip. She went on foot because she could be quiet this way, in a vehicle it would make sound, and sound attracted attention, something she didn’t quite care for at the moment.

As she approached his building he entered her sense, he was not far off and moving towards her, towards the apartment, she could hear him whistling a soft catchy little tune. She watched as he entered the complex and waited sensing his assention until he reached his apartment, third floor. Perfect.

No she didn’t use the entrance she instead climbed up the tree that was to the side of the complex and balancing herself she leapt from the branch to the nearby veranda. She landed on the steady surface with no more than a whisper of sound. She hopped down and looked through the glass and smiled, perfect, there he was with paint and easel painting, it looked like a night scene with a maiden of some sort he had only lightly sketched in. She slipped inside soundlessly, and crouched over by the chair just to the right of the door she had snuck in through.

She slowly removed four little knives from her belt, silver but the bladed end looked blackish red. She narrowed her eyes watching as he sighed.

“So beautiful” he said to himself caught in the moment, feeling safe being caught in the moment in his private apartment.

She took the moment and launched the little knifes. Caught off guard each one lanced into his spine at different points and he screamed as he turned snapped out of the entrancement he was in front of her in a moment and backhanded her over the chair and across the room, she didn’t scream as she hit the floor hard and then rolled to her feet as he dug at his back to pull the darts free, she threw five new ones but he was gone before they could hit and had her hauled up by the throat against the wall.

“Hunter” he snarled as his hands started to construct cutting off her air, she kicked her foot raising to slam into his chest, he caught her foot and in a swift act of both desperation and reflex she reached with the same hand both his tied up she slid the sai out and as she went to swipe he was gone again.

Damn it he was fast, she saw him apprising her several feet away, his eyes changed then he grinned and spoke a soft lilt to his voice.

“Ah the one they call Princess of the night. I will enjoy draining you. I am sure you taste as sweet as you smell”

He raced forward intent on taking her and as he did so she blindly threw her sai, taking the other one into her hand, he swerved the first sai missing came in to get her from behind but she could tell and she rammed the sai back beside her ribs the second before she could sense he was there as if she had waited she would have missed as it was she didn’t. She got batted across the room as he screamed in pain and tore the sai from him.

She coughed on the floor and forced herself to her knees holding her side and she watched him as he collapsed against his wall convulsing in pain.

“That werewolf venom is nasty stuff isn’t it?” she asked easily and a moment later she saw it as he died. She crawled over to get her sai and the knives back. She couldn’t leave any trace of herself there.

She managed to move out of the apartment and into the tree where she then fell jarring herself on the ground. A dark figure moved forward looking down at her, she scowled.

“Go away”

“Ah, a damsel in distress, however could I go away?”

“Leo, you’re a pain in my ass I said I could handle it.”

“Ah yes, and so well I see, okay then why don’t you get up?”

She scowled at him and struggled and hid it as she got to her feet, and looked at him and she was startled to find there was two of him before her vision started to grey and she fell. This time she felt warm arms around her instead of hard cold ground.

“Now see? To the hospital!”

“No…no hospitals” she complained and demanded as he carried her off, he didn’t respond and took her to one anyway she passed out before they even made it to his car.

She woke up three days later in a hospital room, she groaned first, then scowled as she looked around.

“Ah she awakes! At last!” that same voice came again.

“I outta gut you” she said but it lacked heat as she often did.

“Oh but you could try if you could only stand but sadly at this moment we cannot dance as you cannot”

She just gave him an unimpressed glare.

“Ok ok” he said laughing “You have a mild concoction, several broken ribs, you had some internal bleeding but the doctors fixed you right up. You have been out for the past three days.”

That caught her attention she shot up, was greeted by pain, then nausea then was knocked back down by a light smack by him.

“now now none of that, you will break something…again”

“Oh ha ha very funny”

“I try. Now you’re going to have to stay here for a little while. When you are released the commander has authorized you six months off and from what I hear a nice little bonus in your account. “

“Fine, go. Away” she snarled at him

“Oh very well, I must report to the commander you live and have finally stopped sleeping the nights away”

He turned and left the room, leaving her alone in the horrible little hospital room.


That was a year ago, and now once again she has been called in as she was for the most dangerous jobs, in the streets of new York she returns to help defend as they call it against the vampire uprising. Still not sure about the truth of this she however has noticed an increase of activity for the weaker vampires, ones newer. Easy to hunt and to dispatch but they are constantly growing in number.

That was a minor issue though, the big one, the real reason she was called in was for a vampire with white hair and violet eyes. He was her mark and she would dispatch him or die in the process. She didn’t really care which.

Vampire: N/A
Other: Not at this moment

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Re: [Profile] Myna - Human

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Background Awards are as follows
Allies *
Arcane **
Contact **

+1 Alertness, Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Stealth, and Drive


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