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Character Template

Post  Myna on Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:34 pm

You need to make a character sheet and have it approved by either a GM or an Admin before you can join in the rp. You may copy and paste the fields below and make a new thread to submit your sheet in.


Generation: If your a vampire - if you are unsure and you are planning to be a childe to someone in the game already. Your generation is 1 below theirs. If not pick 4-13. Keep in mind 4th generations are rare.

Clan: Pick one of the 13 clans. Refer to the site ::Atrasanctum:: for information on the clans if you are unsure. Or alternatively you can read the thread in the Rules and Information section. Each clan has possitives and negatives so make sure you refer to the thread anyway.

Flaws: Pick at least one
Merits: Pick at least one

Disiplines: List what you have. You start off with 1 rank in each of your 3 starting diciplines. If you plan on having more than that, explain it. If you want to have a dicipline not in your clan explain why and how you achieved it.
Background: No not the thing you need to write out. Tell us where you spent your points.

Abilities: Tell us where you spent your points. If you have created and awarded a special ability you may also list it and its agreed upon effects here.

Possessions: List if you have anything you have bought or extraordinary you want to start off with. Again explain why you have it. Normal stuff? I dont care about.


Height: How tall are you?
Weight: How much do you weigh?
Eyes: Color?
Hair: Length, color?
Physical Apperance: Write a paragraph or so about the finer details of your appearance, clothes? Such things. You may post a picture alternatively.


Human: At least a paragraph about your human life
Vampire: If your a vampire, about your vampiric life to date.
Other: Anything else you might want to include.

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