Welcome! Your first stop.

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Welcome! Your first stop.

Post  Myna on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:18 am

Hello Kine and Kindred alike, this should be your first stop on the site.
So first and foremost welcome, next for those of you new to the art of RP I shall make a general outline for you to follow. If you are familiar with RP'ing you may want to skim this.

1: Read the rules and Regulations, there are not a lot but try to follow what we do have.

2: You do need a character sheet so go to the Character Creation forum and make a thread following the instructions in the template. In your profile there is a mini sheet you can take a look at and fill out. It will also let you keep an eye on what level you are.

3: If your having a hard time figuring out what clan you want to pick go to our webpage ::Atrasanctum:: and take a look at the information on the various clans. If you do not wish to go to the webpage you can alternatively now look up the Clan thread in the Rules and Information forum.

Read the backgrounds and abilities and pick as is appropriate, use these to help you guage what your strengths and weaknesses are vs. those you interact with around here. It's a guage not set in stone, this is a freeform game more or less but there has to be some structure. It is fun and a good tool to give a feel for what you can and cannot do.

4: Notify an Admin, they will look over your profile and give you the go ahead to start playing.

5: Join in, be sensable and have fun.

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